A cup of sunshine


In search of an escape from the relentless grey mists of the great NorthWest, we decided  – after much debate – the only direction was the Valley of the Sun. In 2013, we packed our stuff, sold what we didn’t need, and set the course for Phoenix. By the following year, we had found a house we both loved in Ahwatukee.

Searching for a great cup of coffee from the Southwest was not an easy task. We spent more than a year trying to find a shop we liked, and all the neighbors we asked said they’d like to see one closer to home.

We did manage to find a shop whose coffee was so good we felt it had to be shared with Ahwatukee. In exploring the possibility, we received a great deal of help and encouragement from this shop, who grow, roast, and sell coffee as a family business from Brazil. We serve Peixoto coffee proudly, and knew from the start it was what we wanted to serve.

My best friend, Abbas, has experience in management and design, so together we started from scratch to create a neighborhood cafe from a warehouse building.


We are always growing and hope to refine our project for all to enjoy. Who knew we could have a cafe only blocks away from home! Come join us for a cup of sunshine.

-Katherine, aka Kitty, owner of SunCup Cafe